Files Sync and Share

Documents and files are an important part of any business. The business is functional because of these and almost every activity or department requires them. Therefore, it is very important to store, manage and share these files for the smooth running of your business. File sharing, syncing, and its management are some of the significant features of CRM.         

It is now easier to share files and collaborate on them. CRM can act as a synchronisation platform and can share and sync all of your files and outside programs. It can upload emails from outlook, import from the spreadsheets, sync with your google drive, and can perform even more tasks. With the added functionality of CRM i.e. sharing files, the convenience is enhanced as you will be able to view all the features from a unified platform without any sort of hurdle. You can edit the data of these documents and may revise them if you want. You will be able to publish the finest quality and relevant content. You can track all of the data as well and get a real-time update when any of the content is updated. Accessing the files and managing them has never been more convenient. You can bring the file sharing and its management in a unified platform which will enable your team to work on different presentations, spreadsheets, contracts, reports, and proposals. You can also share large files and documents with your customers and they can access them online which can help you save a lot of time and resources. This can make your business efficient.

You can attach the files and documents to the contacts, proposals, sale leads, and more. Through this, you can associate your documents with the sales history, customer records, marketing, leads, and more all under a centralised platform. You may keep your sales, marketing, customer support team under the same page that has been shared with the customers from where the content can easily be reviewed, edited, and downloaded. You can avoid mistakes and remove them by publishing accurate details about your product and service in your documents and price lists. You can use tags that can aid you in classifying the content across the libraries. It enables secure file sharing and protects while you are syncing your files. You can share or collaborate on these files with your company’s teams and customers from anywhere in the world at any time. Hence, it can drive your company towards success and make it even more efficient with time.