Email Client Integration

Emails are an integral part of the sales process and are the most crucial form of communication between the sales representatives. Email client integration enables the users to use their email client within the CRM. This allows the emails to be registered automatically and the data about the present customers and the potential customers is stored in a single place. With the help of automation, you can easily use an email client within the CRM. You can also get the organization of the assigned email client inside the CRM user interface. You do not have to rely on IBM notes or outlook anymore. You can easily find a CRM with augmented functionalities. If a customer needs support, he can call and pull up the preceding interactions and the information to provide the greatest care possible. You can know about the customer’s purchasing history. With your email integrated, you can know right away when a prospect will open the mail or take an action.

Writing and sending emails can usually consume a lot of time. Sending those emails is riskier as can’t guess if it brings them a step closer to the sales process or if it is moving closer to your competitors. The emails are organized in chronological order while the information is displayed in a visually appealing way. This can help you see the exact value of emails for your sales. You can get an idea of the conversion rate through the emails and get to recognize the email that can perform the best. You can also send the emails directly from your CRM. It is easy to create emails with the help of templates provided that have an integration with Gmail. You can also create your own templates. The integration can work in both ways. If you receive an email from Gmail or outlook, you can make him a lead in your CRM. You can also set triggers to remind the customers to take the desired action by sending them the email at the right time.

All in all, email integration can be a really powerful tool that can help you get increased revenue from your business. The inbox of your email can be the number 1 tool for your business sales. Not only you can easily identify the leads from your inbox but can also send emails to the CRM and bring greater revenue by utilizing lesser time and money.

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