Chat Integration

The chat feature brings a lot of value to a modern-day user. Integration of chat with your CRM platform can bring a lot of convenience to your followers. There are different kinds of chat programs that include Olark or LivePerson. With the help of these platforms, you can chat with your employees and partners. It can also improve customer support by letting you chat with the customers. It helps build the profiles of everyone who has contact with your business. It can help you understand the behavioural pattern of your customers. You can solve the issues of your customers after having a chat with them resulting in greater customer loyalty.  All this can be done on a unified UI.

A CRM software allows you to store all the customer data into one place, and integrating it with Live Chat helps you manage the data of the customers that you’ve been chatting with on your website. Integrating the chat will gather and track the information about the leads and sales. You will know their interests and frequent purchases. Having all their profiles created greatly helps in customer tracking. It helps in building a strong relationship with the customers that leads to the customer being satisfied. Profiles are updated regularly and the data is then provided to the sales representatives.

As the sales are increased, increased revenue is generated due to the increased sales. Getting to interact with your customers effectively will make sure that you are on the right track. It helps you automate the sales process and save time and resources. You can personalise the conversations with customers based on the previous data. This is a great way to market your products. It can help you collaborate with your team. You can transfer the call to your team member who can solve the problem efficiently. After you have tracked the data of users, you can send them targeted messages based on their activities on your website. You can cut off the manual labour and enable automatic conversations. It is up to you whether you want manual or automatic conversations at your convenience. All the conversations can be stored and viewed from a centralised platform.

It helps build brand loyalty. As the new leads are identified through tracking, repeatable deal pipelines are created which can manage the lead score. Your revenue can largely depend upon your present customers. Your CRM software along with these chat integration features plays a vital role in retaining those valued customers.

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